We are a Christian, faith-based company. Asphalt & Adrenalin is a company that offers not only name brand ATV, MOTORCYCLE and WATERCRAFT parts & accessories. We offer various other products to include skateboarding parts and accessories, snow sleds, as well as other sporting goods. We also carry apparel. Apparel to include officially licensed ARMY, HONDA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI and YAMAHA in addition to our own brands, ASPHALT ADDICTIONS, ABSOLUTE ADRENALIN as well as our own Christian line, DIVINELY INSPIRED GEAR. Christian wear for the Christian believer.

Below is the History of our Brands and Company

ASPHALT & ADRENALIN is the fusion of ASPHALT ADDICTIONS & ABSOLUTE ADRENALIN Power and Xtreme Sports & Activities. Sports and activities, one would RIDE, DRIVE or FLY to get your adrenalin fix. All about sports and activities that require solo or team efforts. Non-combative sports of skill or ability to conquer the forces of nature, the elements and your fellow competitor.


ABSOLUTE ADRENALIN as a brand was conceived on this date. Yet, it did not seem to touch enough of what was sought.

ASPHALT ADDICTIONS as a brand was conceived on this date. This coupled with ABSOLUTE ADRENALIN seemed to be the fit!

ASPHALT & ADRENALIN  -  1/16/2007
ASPHALT & ADRENALIN as the collective brand of ABSOLUTE ADRENALIN & ASPHALT ADDICTIONS was tight! Felt right. So after a few weeks of word play and several word combinations. ASPHALT & ADRENALIN was born! ASPHALT & ADRENALIN is the FUSION of ASPHALT & ADRENALIN-based power and extreme sports & activities.

DIVINELY INSPIRED GEAR  -  1/16/2007  (DIG DEFENDER 1st Used on 10/2/2007)
DIVINELY INSPIRED GEAR as a Christian brand was gifted on this date. Visions of the Christian wear were again revised in May & August to include unique ways to get out the message. Subsequently, the faith-based brand was delivered to the faithful in the "Defender" message form a short time later. A line brought through a dream and put to a drawing then the computer. After a few days of searching fonts to find the closest to what was seen. Viola! DIVINELY INSPIRED GEAR was ready to spread the GOOD NEWS.
What is Asphalt & Adrenalin

Asphalt & Adrenalin is the fusion of Asphalt Addictions & Absolute Adrenalin Xtreme Sports & Activities. A Christian company based on Christian beliefs fortified through Christ, powered by the Holy Spirit.

Asphalt Addictions is for the ground-pounding, asphalt-driven xtreme & motor sports competitor or enthusiast. Doesn’t matter if you thrive on two-wheel or four-wheeled machines. Desire straight-line, oval or road course competition. Asphalt Addictions is your fuel to quench your Asphalt desires. Conceived in December 2006

Absolute Adrenalin is for the sportsman, the gracious, non-bloodsport competitor who knows from where the adrenalin flows. Whether you enjoy two-wheel or four-wheeled, off-the-asphalt excitement or xtreme sports that utilize boards, skis, bicycles or any form or apparatus that requires skill, sportsmanship and where the competitors do not willfully or purposefully engage another to shed one’s blood. This is Absolute Adrenalin. Conceived in 2006.

Divinely Inspired Gear, or “DIG” is Christian Wear for the Christian Believer.

“Be Bold & Show It!”  

Do not let Divinely Inspired imitators fool you!

What do you know of the Armor of God? The Armor of God is specifically discussed in Paul’s Book of Ephesians. Interesting thing about Paul. Paul, before his anointing by God. He was Saul, the Christian Killer. After his anointing, Paul journeyed to spread the gospel of Christ. While in Ephesus, Paul spoke and taught about the Armor of God.

Ephesians 6 is the Chapter and 10-20 the Verses that teach us all about the Armor of God.

“DIG“, separately as well as inclusively have meaning relative to these verses about the Armor of God. The “D”, in Old World form, with a tiny bit of imagination, appears as a soldier’s shield. More specifically, the Shield of Faith. As found in Ephesians 6:16. For this is what God, through Christ is for you. To shield the fiery arrows from the evil one. The “I”, or in this specific case, an un-sheathed soldier’s sword. As found in Ephesians 6:17. More specifically, the Sword of the Spirit. The Sword of the Spirit is the word of God, through Christ, His word and the Living Water for us all to drink from and be quenched of one’s thirst. The un-sheathed sword is of importance. This importance lies in the scripture found in Ephesians 6:19-20. For we are all in bonds, persons in chains and that we should loudly and boldly speak and spread the word of Christ. The “G”, in Old World form is of great importance yet not greater than, nor lesser than the “D” or “I”. The “G”, in Old World form, represents our Almighty Creator. As found in Ephesians 6:18. We shall always pray in the Spirit and a remind ourselves to be alert and aware of things that are evil and of this world. Whereas, for He is all things. For all things touching and interconnected.

Divinely Inspired Gear, “DIG” is Christian Wear for the Christian Believer. A reminder to be alert, to drink of the Living Water and spread His word, to pray in the Spirit as well as giving heed that He is the Creator of all things, living and dead.  

Praise be to God and life through the blood of Jesus Christ!