Pursuant to California Law, to include, yet not limited to section(s) of the California Vehicle Code, enforced by the Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Highway Patrol, as well as any other laws and Agencies of the Great State of California. We, Asphalt & Adrernalin, et al., under law, shall not have the ability to acquire any address, phone number or like registration information of any registered owner of the winning license plate(s) utilized in this contest. Laws of the State of California do not permit providing this information to private parties pursuant to the confines of any contest conducted.

Any prize(s), product(s) award(s), coupon(s) or other such winnings shall not denote any specified or inferred value to any contest winner unless any such award or awards, singularly or cumulatively occurs which exceeds $600.00 in value.  In this event, if a winner receives a prize(s), products(s), award(s), coupon(s) or other such winnings that total more than $600.00.  An IRS Form 1099 will be required to be completed and submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. Any such winner shall be responsible for any and all taxes due upon the filing of Form 1099. 

Each license plate listed herein, the respective person and vehicle described must be present to claim their contest prize by the close of business (usually 5PM) within 30 days of the day the full license plate and description of the operator appears on this page. The prize claim period will be listed herein.

The only information collected by Asphalt & Adrenalin, et al. during this contest will be the name of the described operator of the vehicle that matches the license plate and the city and state of the residency of the contest prize winner. Once the contest winner(s) have collected their prize(s), the winner(s) shall allow the company to use their likeness, their name (listed herein by the winner's first name and last initial only  -  Full name shall be collected for company use only) and their city and state of residency without any further compensation or stipend. No other information shall be made public upon this website or other media.