Ladies & Gentlemen,

For our loyal customers, Christian and otherwise, we have closed our Running Springs location. By no means are we out of business, just reinventing how we do business.

We are in negotiations for a new location. This location will be innovative and should permit our company, through our products and our faith, to continue to fellowship, minister and spread the good word. Praying the Lord permits.

We have always known we have had interest in our own brands to include Absolute Adrenalin, Asphalt Addictions and Divinely Inspired Gear, "Christian wear for the Christian believer". All interest is good and we will continue to press forward.

We plan on going mobile in our specially eqiupped toy hauler and be conducting business at various Community & Faith-based events. All of our products are faith-based. Yet, we  encourage all to take up a little faith whether you proclaim to be a Christian or are not. We love you all anyways!

A new location we are praying to come to pass. If you are a Christian, we ask you to pray along with us to see our next location to come to pass. If you are not a Christian. The love is the same.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays!

Suzan J. Bartel, G.P.
2007 - 2014

"Be Bold & Show It"

P O BOX 2845

(909) 867-2020
(909) 867-6212


Divinely Inspired Gear, et al., does not sell, trade, or give any collected information to third party clients. All information collected is for the sole use of Divinely Inspired Gear. The only time any collected information will be shared is in a Law Enforcement action in accordance with all State and Federals Laws.